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SNAP! Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I’m not sure if the anticipation is the best part, but it fills me with happiness and contentment. Beginning on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, I want the house to start feeling festive. I set up extra tables and lay out my special autumn-themed tablecloths. Doing our best Martha Stewart, my sister Cindy and I make centerpieces out of things like mason jars, leaves, candles, and cranberries.

I set up the bar, laying out all the fixings for the perfect Bloody Mary, wine, and whatever cocktail is au courant. We aren’t normally big drinkers, but our cocktail hour is as much a part of Thanksgiving as the dinner itself.

I always look forward to the moment when everyone arrives as the aroma of turkey fills the house! I’ve often thought it would be a wonderful scent for a candle. The sound of catch-up conversations and laughter drowns out any background music.

Thanksgiving is at Cindy's house this year, but I bought a small turkey breast to fill the house with "Eau de Thanksgiving," my favorite perfume. Besides all the frills and food, being surrounded by family keeps me thankful every day.

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