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Snap Out of It Before You Snap

I chose to be my husband's caregiver. Why? Because I don't think anyone else understands him the way I do. Did I have any idea what this would entail? Honestly, no. Would I have taken on the responsibility if I knew? Yes . . . But I would have figured out in advance how to take care of myself too. Hindsight is 20-20. I can't go back, but I can inspire like-minded family caregivers seeking relief.

Recalling my mom's famous words, "snap out of it," I imagine a rubber band being stretched to its limit. It can only be pulled so far before it gives out and flies off. When given a chance to relax, the rubber band regains its bounce and flexibility before being stretched again. I realize that I need to snap out of the cycle I am caught in. I just have to figure out how. Our bodies and minds aren't designed to be stretched to the max for hours on end. Being on high alert is okay in short spurts. But when our nerves are wound too tight for too long, we burn out. I found ways to create downtime without leaving my husband's side. I'll be sharing my ideas with you in hopes that they spark something for you to prevent burnout.

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