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SNAP! Leave 'em Laughing

It’s hard to be angry or resentful when Lucy and Ethel are stuffing chocolates into their hats and mouths, no matter how many times we’ve seen it! I’ve never been the laugh-out-loud type. But I do smirk. Jack always asks me, “Didn’t you think that was funny?”

Why is laughing a good thing? It can release a brain chemical that produces endorphins, one of four happiness hormones. The American Association for Therapeutic Humor (yes, it’s real) reports that saying things that make us laugh will relieve stress and anxiety.

I don’t ordinarily enjoy stand-up comedy, but something about the comedian Sebastian Maniscalco cracks me up beyond recognition. We watch him on Netflix talking about life with his Italian family, his wife, and his little kids. Every single time, I cry and even convulse with hiccups from his personal narratives and observations of life. Maybe I’m slap-happy from being cooped up, but I let loose with a roar and a long hard laugh. Once I master that, tears roll naturally down my cheeks.

Jack and I watched Maniscalo's newest Netflix special, "Is It Me? There was no smirking for me, I was laughing hysterically, tears running down my cheeks. He's the perfect prescription to relieve the blues. Repeat and laugh often!

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