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SNAP! C is for Cookie

I’ve discovered that baking is my perfect mindful distraction. It provides me with a truly peaceful outlet. I can focus on what I’m doing rather than reacting to the situation that’s annoying me.

I return to the mindfulness of the prep work.

Measure. Mix. Roll. Focus. Take control. Lose the attitude.

The best part of baking is the (practically) instant gratification. Oh, the sweet anticipation of cake and cookies coming out of the oven in fifteen to forty-five minutes is more than I can handle. It’s so nice to have a delicious outcome.

Fast-baking sugar cookies bring memories of Christmas to life in a hurry. The aroma of Mom’s oatmeal raisin cookies floating through the air means home.

What I’m getting at is this. I may not want to be in the moment of the current crisis, so I let that aroma carry me to a time and place I cherish — even if just for a minute.

A lot of readers asked about the lemon cookies that I mention in the book. I found the recipe on Pinterest. It has only four ingredients. Let's do this!



1 Box Lemon Cake Mix

½ cup Melted Butter, or Vegetable Oil

2 Large Eggs

1 - 12 oz bag Nestle Premier White Chocolate Baking Chips

In a large bowl, combine cake mix, eggs, and oil.

Beat well.

Gently fold in White Chocolate chips.

Chill in refrigerator for 1 hour.

Roll dough (approx 1 T) into balls.

Place on an ungreased non-stick cookie sheet. (or use parchment paper)

Bake for approx. 7 – 9 mins in 350 degree oven.

Tada! You're welcome!!!!

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