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SNAP! Even Broken Crayons Can Still Color

Oprah has her list of favorite things. I have mine.

One of my favorites is coloring. I know I've written about this before, but its great on so many levels.

Even if I'm having the worst day ever and feeling totally wiped out, I can open one of my coloring books and escape the feelings that are pounding in my brain.

On good days, my grandchildren like to do the three-crayon challenge. Close your eyes and pick three. Then draw a picture! I'm not sure what's more fun - just being with the kids or being creative together.

When my mom was living with dementia, we colored together. Whether it was muscle memory or the distinct smell of crayons, it was something she always enjoyed.

While you're out shopping for holiday presents and wondering what to buy for the person who supposedly needs nothing - think about a coloring book and crayons.

Want to try it out for free?

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