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In Snap Out of It: An Unexpected Caregivers Way to Self-Care, Stability, and Survival, author Ellen Teitelman Wohl shares her honest, emotional — sometimes funny — memoir of the continuing struggle to keep life whole while her husband Jack’s health falls apart, over and over again: bipolar disorder, coronary artery disease, lung cancer, diabetes, and normal pressure hydrocephalus, among other medical conditions. While Jack has a remarkable team of doctors treating him, Ellen only has herself to rely on. As the unexpected caregiver, she deals with anxiety, frustration, and exhaustion day after day. She thinks something is wrong with her, but she eventually learns that caregiver burnout is real. Her inner-strength and resilience emerge through the personal discovery of “snap out of it” relief routines, self-care concepts, and ideas. The “snaps,” interspersed throughout the narrative, share light-hearted stories, personal experiences, and techniques that form the basis of her mental getaways that include cooking, gardening, reading, exercising, laughing, and more. Ellen finally discovers support groups and guidance, which she shares in this memoir. Her curated resource guide leads you to websites, apps, and support groups dedicated to caregivers.

Snap Out of It: An Unexpected Caregiver's Way To Self-Care, Stability, and Survival


My Story

Ellen Wohl’s interest in wellness and self-care began when she was losing herself while helping her husband Jack recuperate from myriad illnesses. She thought something was wrong with her, only to discover that Caregiver Burnout is normal. By speaking with other unexpected caregivers, she knew they all needed a breather. Always a writer, Wohl began her professional career partnering with Grammy-nominated adult contemporary solo piano artist Jim Brickman. For fifteen years, she teamed up on award-winning advertising campaigns by creating and producing commercial jingles in Chicago, New York, and Cleveland. Subsequently, she jumped to the music industry, writing lyrics to many of Brickman’s popular songs. A contributing writer to Brickman’s “Soothe” campaign, Wohl wrote weekly blog posts with advice on bringing calm to a chaotic world. Ellen is a frequent guest on the syndicated Jim Brickman Radio Show, providing quirky life lessons. Ellen lives in Cleveland, Ohio, with her husband Jack. She enjoys daily laughs with her children and six grandchildren.

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"Ellen Wohl tells a captivating story of love, grit, and resilience in the face of constant medical drama. It made me laugh, cry, and breathe a sigh of relief every time she finds a way to soothe. I couldnt put it down!"


Best-Selling Solo Pianist, Soothe Music Collection

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